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Building Complete Hydroponic Garden Systems

Why Complete Hydroponic Garden Systems?

There was recently a post on business wire stating that the increase in vegetable and fruit costs, has also spurred an increase in suburban hydroponic garden systems. The increase in soil costs has been a huge factor in both cases. The soil prices raise the overall food prices, and it makes complete hydroponic garden systems a much better option. Once a huge greenhouse market, hydroponic gardening has now become a booming market. People are tired of paying high prices for food that could have had contact with any number of chemicals.

What Is Hydroponics?

The word ‘hydroponic’ actually means ‘water working’ in Latin. Hydroponics is the act of growing plants in a nutrient and oxygen enriched water flow. In soil, biological decomposition breaks down organic matter into the basic nutrient salts that plants feed on. These salts are dissolved in water and allows the roots to absorb them easily. For a plant to receive a well balanced diet, everything in the soil must be in perfect balance. Rarely, if ever, can you find such ideal conditions in soil due to the lack of organic matter left behind on the surface, contamination and biological imbalances.

The water in the hydroponics system is enriched with nutrient salts, creating a perfectly balanced nutrient solution. The hydroponic nutrient solution is contained, which keeps it from harming our environment.Most likely because of the lack of runoff from normal soil.

Complete hydroponic garden systems lose almost no water to evaporation. Which makes this system perfect for arid and very dry climates.

Without using energy to increase root size, the actual plant size increases much faster and stronger than soil grown plants.

A Complete Hydroponics Garden System

Complete hydroponics garden systems are built around the primary focus of providing oxygen and nutrient enriched water to the plants roots. Usually created in the hydroponics ‘box’, this system uses either a hanging process or the use of sand or any other porous based platform. The hanging process , called aeroponics, uses a spray method of watering.For the lighting , many are using a new LED lighting system. But normal hydroponic lighting will work just fine. The key to making this system work is the exact process of lighting and nutrient based feeding processes.

There are many options to consider when creating and using complete hydroponics garden systems. From the actual planting tray to the type of supplements, water pumps and CO2 injection, you must do your homework. All the variable must be taken into effect. Climate, type of plants and what you hope to accomplish all must be accounted for when using hydroponic planting systems.

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