Parenting Vivian | 21 Feb 2011 03:39 am

Bullying Statistics Show The Price A Bully Pays

According to new bullying statistics, school districts nation wide report an 82 per cent increase in school violence in the past 5 years. This amount of violence in schools only verifies that bullying violence is on the rise. Bullies hold our school yards in hostage, as bullying statistics show, one in fifteen middle school students don’t go to specific locations for fear of being attacked. With all the advancements of social sensitivity some people are amazed this is still an issue.

Most bullies come from homes were there is little warmth or parental guidance. Bullying statistics show that disciplinary action taken by a bully’s parents is often inconsistent and highly physical. This, in turn, is how the bully learns to deal with people. It’s this type of environments that breeds low self esteem which in turn creates a need to belittle people for your own gain.. The common bully has little understanding of trust and lack the patience for delayed gratification.

Counseling is one of the only ways to stop bullying. The two skills a bully needs to learn, according to bullying statistics, is the ability to take responsibility for their actions and to learn to delay indulgence. Learning that what they do really does affect other people will change the way bullies react around their peers. With recent bullying statistics showing that 60 per cent of school bullies are convicted of a crime by the time they are 24, the future for bullies who don’t change their ways is bleak

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