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Caring For Gentle Baby Skin

There is nothing more gentle and beautiful than baby skin, and similarly nothing more delicate. Baby skin is very vulnerable during the initial three years and tends to lose moisture as its functions are not completely developed.

It is three times thinner than the adult skin, therefore less resistant and highly susceptible to dryness, irritants and several skin problems. Hence, you must give special attention towards caring for their skin and keeping it healthy and soft.
Important tips on how to give that extra loving care for your baby

1.Oil massage and bathing tips

i.Use oil that has been boiled and then cooled, which can even be your cooking oil or some special baby oil, ensuring to apply on the creases of buttocks and thighs as well.

ii.Since the PH level of babies is much higher than that of adults, use special baby soaps that are mild and high in fatty content, and mild shampoos that do not make their scalp dry

iii.Dry the skin properly after bath.

2.Healthy eating habits. Following a healthy and natural diet will ensure that the skin of the baby grows well and remains healthy

3.Avoid use of talc. Avoid use of talc as its abrasive nature can cause skin irritations

4.Use appropriate clothes. Use cotton clothes that are light and soft

5.Be diligent about baby products. Make sure you check with your pediatrician before using any baby product. Also check to see if the baby develops allergies to a particular product by applying a small sample on the skin and looking for any reaction a few hours later.

6.Use of mild detergents. Use only mild detergents for washing baby clothes. To test if your baby is allergic to the product touch the skin of your baby with the product and see if any reaction occurs a few hours later.

7.Avoid overexposure to sun. The skin of the baby has very less melanin and therefore exposure to sun for a long period can result in sunburns.

8.Check and Change the nappy quite often. To prevent repeated exposure to wetness and irritants such as faeces that can damage the skin in the nappy area, make sure to check the nappy often and also change them as required

9.Use moisturizers and lotions appropriately. To keep the skin healthy it is necessary to keep it well hydrated. For this purpose, use mild baby lotions and creams that come highly recommended and meet the following fulfilled criteria

i.Safe, Gentle, Mild

ii.Tested for allergies and proven negative towards formation of allergies

iii.Alcohol free

iv.Soothing and comforting without any irritant qualities

10.Visiting the doctor. If you notice any allergy reactions, or skin problems in your baby, always consult your doctor for good, sound medical advice. Do not put it off as some reactions could be indicators of serious conditions.

A happy baby is a healthy baby, so give the best care you can for your little ones, tending to their skin care, food habits and emotional as well as physical upbringing.

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