Pregnancy Vivian | 25 Jun 2011 09:00 pm

Choose Baby Gender – Yes, You Can Influence the Sex of Your Baby

Choosing the gender of your baby is quite a controversial topic. There are religious, ethical and practical reasons why people object to it. The most obvious objection is that it could lead to an  imbalance in the numbers of the sexes which could cause all sorts of social problems as the baby matures to an adult. With this said, many people want to choose baby gender simply to complete their family. Maybe they have two boys and want a little girl to provide a sense of balance in their own family. Whatever the reason, there are many theories and techniques that are thought to help a couple conceive a baby of a certain sex. This article breaks down the thinking behind these methods.

People that believe that you can choose baby gender think that the timing of intercourse and the position of the intercourse is important to determining the sex of the fetus. They also believe that the types of food that you eat before intercourse are also important.

Timing and the foods you eat influence the PH level in a woman’s body and the types of sperm that the male is likely to produce.

The position that the couple have intercourse in is also thought to influence which type of sperm is likely to get to the egg and fertilize it.

Many of these techniques and methods have been passed down through the ages. One technique that is thought to be successful in influencing the gender of the baby hails from China and was used by the royal families of the ancient Chinese Dynasties.

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