Pregnancy Vivian | 23 Nov 2010 11:26 am

Choosing a Good Pregnancy Diet Menu

Having the ability to choose is one of the constant factors in life. As a woman, you are faced with an array of choices on many different matters everyday, whether these matters are trivial or not. What shoes would go best with the little black dress you just bought? What fitness program should you follow in order to maintain a healthy shape? If you are a pregnant woman, there are even more matters to decide on, especially since you are not just making choices merely for yourself, but for your baby as well.

One of the primary choices that you have to make during your pregnancy is what good pregnancy diet menu to follow. This could seem complicated at first, particularly when people around you have different things to say on the subject. But the fact of the matter is that a good pregnancy diet menu does not have to be complicated, and is something that can be continued even after you give birth, in order to pave the way for a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby.

An important thing to remember when choosing a diet plan is that it should be all about balance. A good pregnancy diet menu would incorporate all the vitamins and minerals that you need, so you can subsequently get the essential nutrients for your baby. Too much of a component, such as carbohydrates or fatty meats, would render the diet as unbalanced and would be unfavorable for your baby. These are some of the elements that should be found in any good pregnancy diet menu:

旵alcium, in order to develop the baby’s bones
旾ron, in order to ensure the proper amount of oxygen for the baby
旻olic acid, in order to avoid any birth deficiencies on the spine or brain
昖itamin D, in order to aid the baby’s growth

Although it might not be easy to suddenly start eating healthily after you have been used to eating junk food, fast food and sweets for such a long time, your love and concern for your baby’s wellness should serve as a strong factor in aiding you towards observing a healthy diet. Fortified foods and supplements that are part of a good pregnancy diet menu do not necessarily have to be tasteless and unsavory, as there are many healthy and delicious foods that you can include in your diet which would also greatly improve your baby’s development.

At some point, you might get tempting urges to binge on a bag of chips, eat up a whole burger, or finish a whole package of sweets. Instead of always giving in, stick to the good pregnancy diet menu you have, and remember that giving in to your food cravings all the time would cause you to put on unnecessary and unhealthy weight. Below are some pointers for a healthy diet plan:

旾nstead of eating processed food, go for fresh foods as much as you can
昍eplace white bread with healthier whole grain selections such as wheat bread
昅ake sure to get the recommended daily amount of water that you need as a healthy, calorie-free beverage for you and your baby
昍eplace fatty meats as a source of your dietary fat requirement with nuts
旼o for the lighter, healthier choices, such as fruits instead of sweets and low-fat milk instead of whole milk
昒se salt sparingly, as the sodium it has could increase your blood pressure
旴roil you food as a substitute for frying.

Following a good pregnancy diet menu is all about making the right choices for the sake of your baby. Starting with a healthy diet early on would not just give you a healthy lifestyle, but would help your baby to be a strong and happy person as well.

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