There is No Business like the Party Business!

Choosing the Parties that you will Plan is like auditioning talent for a stage production; If you don’t have a clear process and know what you are looking for, then you will end up becoming involved with a situation that will spiral you down into the depths of hell where your rotting corpse will become….Wait…I was totally thinking of something else. Maybe.

Anyway, the point is that you have to be clear with your objectives as to who EXACTLY you are as a Party Planner. Again, it goes back to taking any old job and not putting your heart and soul into it. As with directors looking to fill the roles of cast members for a production, the characters are clearly defined and for the integrity of the production, must be faithful to the description laid out for that cast member.

The same goes here. if you have decided that you will only do parties for kids who are 4 foot tall and have red hair, then by all means…Stick to the Script!

So, here you are in the Audition phase for your party and what are your main objectives here in choosing the best fit for you? Quite frankly, this is a stage that many Party Planners fall down as they want whatever party they can get. (You know, baby needs a new pair of shows and all of that…)

But take this part of the process as you would the Planning of the Event because, if you do, the Planning of the Event will go so much better for all involved.

So with that in mind, here are the three HUGE steps.

First Huge Step…Make sure you have defined your vision and operate within the parameters as described. And a very important step is to have those “Vision Quest,” as I call them, detailed on paper in such a way as there is no way you will allow yourself to go outside of what you are looking for to best showcase your skills as a Planner.

Second Huge Step…Make sure that the “Auditioner,” the company or individual who has inquired about your services, has a clear vision of what it is they are looking for in your services. Much like a proposal that you will do for them, you have to first make sure that they are clear as to their needs. Trust me, if they think they are getting one thing and you are believing something else, a disaster awaits all who tread these waters.

Third Huge Step…Make sure they are realistic with a budget. There is nothing worse than a company expecting a $5000 Party with a $2000 budget. Many companies expect that from a Planner. They want a $5000 Party with a $2000 budget. Your skill as a Party Planner will be to give them a $7000 Party with a $4000 budget. You see my point. Always expect to give them great value for their dollar, just don’t let them dictate your service value by tying your hands with an inadequate budget. This is hard because people get queasy when talking money, but you have to be confident in your abilities as a Premier Party Planner and look them in the eye when you talk money.

So, there you have it. Make sure you are clear; Make sure they are clear; Make sure the budget matches your expertise.

These three steps will give you a tremendous step in the right direction to becoming a successful Party Planner.

Remember, Life is a Party, You just have to know how to Plan it!