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Christmas Celebration Thoughts

The biggest Christmas Holiday Thought that comes to my mind was when my spouse and I were watching the movie, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. The setting was the Grinch at the peak of the mountain that overlooked the little town of Whoville, where all the Whos were promptly asleep on Christmas Eve. We consider a lot of stories and feelings about Christmas at this point of year, nevertheless this one is my choice.

What the Grinch did, was set off down into the small town of Whoville on Christmas Eve and steal all the toys, trees, tinsel, and anything that was connected with Christmas. He took all the food, pudding, and even the roast beast. He packed it all in his sleigh and made his little dog haul it back up to the cap of the mountain, where the Grinch lived in exile from the town of Whoville. Then he waited to listen to what he thought would be the noise of crying, moaning, and sadness in the air, because he thought he was going to rob Christmas that year.

What took place was the greatest Christmas miracle of all. As the snow was falling all around, the Grinch was waiting and listening in silence for that sadness sound. What he heard instead was laughter and singing. The Grinch thinking and scratched his head, ” why I didn’t steal Christmas, he said. Christmas is not in things like trees, toys, tinsel and food. It’s in the hearts of all those Whos.”

Now the real miracle came next.. The Grinch’s heart grew three sizes that day. He raced back down the mountain and put all the things back in their place, and the Whos elected him as the one to cut up the roast beast.

The moral to the story is, of all the Christmas poems and thoughts, Christmas comes from the heart. It is something that is on the inside that needs to come out. Why is it that, only at the Christmas season, do you hear of good things that people do to benefit others that are less fortunate then they are? The season of Christmas just brings out who we really are on the inside. Who are you really? Let that person come out into the open. Don’t get caught up in the snare of trying to purchase Christmas with stuff that you don’t have money for. Owe no man nothing except to give from the heart the true meaning of Christmas. Discover what the Grinch found out that Christmas Eve a long time ago.

Brian Gosur is the president and CEO of Expert Innovations Inc.

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