Mistletoe is such a traditional part of Christmas decorating. It is a romantic and pretty way to decorate. You will have endless reasons to kiss your loved one if you follow this guide on decorating with mistletoe.
?br>Begin with the doors. A doorway is a traditional position for holiday mistletoe. Find a few strategically positioned doorways in your home to hang it from. There are different ways to hang it such as a small finishing nail or a removable hook that is attached with double-sided tape. 3M makes a range that will not do any damage to the wood. Make sure that the mistletoe hangs at a good height for most people.
?br>Christmas centerpieces. Mistletoe can be hung in other places besides the doorways. You can place it around the house in other ways. Think about using either real or silk mistletoe, have it in a lovely bowl in the center of the dinner table. Team it up with some sparkly holiday balls – green balls are ideal.
?br>Put mistletoe in your wreaths. You can make an attractive door hanger by adding real mistletoe to a wreath made from real spruce branches. Use cotton or clear fishing line to tie the mistletoe tightly onto your holiday wreaths. What a lovely welcome your guests will receive as they enter your home.
?br>Mistletoe can also be used in a garland. An additional place to decorate with mistletoe is in a garland. Garlands look wonderful on pillars, your stair railings and the front of your fire mantle – why not add a few branches of mistletoe. Try to use a hidden way to attach the mistletoe (like fishing line). Tie it securely.
?br>Make a holiday bouquet. Create a fresh arrangement of holiday-inspired plants and flowers and place them in a lovely vase, then add some mistletoe to the vase. It doesn’t necessarily have to be real to be placed with other real decorations – just as long as it fits in with the whole look.
?br>It is easy and fun to add mistletoe to your holiday decorating. There will be no need to miss out on a kiss beneath the mistletoe these holidays!