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Christmas Gifts-Treat Yourself First!

At this time of the year we worry so much about pleasing
those around us: family, friends, colleagues and loved
ones. In fact, most of us go out of our way to be extra
nice and try real hard to find that perfect gift for
everyone, but many times we forget to treat the person that
matters most — ourselves!

It’s the season of giving, why not start with yourself?
Don’t be fooled by all that ‘it’s better to give than receive’
humbug. Better yet, why not give that old expression a one-two
knockout punch by giving yourself a gift. Treat yourself
and be on both ends of the gift equation.

Don’t know about you, but if I have had a good prosperous
year, I always treat myself with something I probably
wouldn’t normally buy or do. After all, what’s the
point of all that hard earned money if you can’t spend
it on yourself, once in a while.

Honestly, take a hard look, can you really trust the
people around you to buy you that special gift, something
that only you would think of and have been dreaming of
buying for a long time. Of course, if you have an accommodating
loved one, you can just tell them what you want, that usually
works but not always. More times than not, you will end up
disappointed again this year.

So why not treat yourself first this Christmas. Be a little
selfish, it’s a only a sin and not a major crime. Besides,
Dr. Phil is not looking so you just may get away with it!

Go ahead and treat yourself to something special.

You have earned it, that’s what I always say to myself.
It may be something small or something big. It may be something
cheap or it may be something expensive. It may just be an
extra long walk in the park… anything, something — just
treat yourself. But be generous, Old Saint Nick is watching!

Go all out. Indulge, gift yourself.

Just make sure you remember to treat the significant others
in your life also; no need to be a Scrooge just because we’re
putting ourselves first for a change. It always makes my
Christmas just a little bit nicer.

If you don’t treat yourself — try it — you might be pleasantly
surprised by how satisfying it can be. Go ahead, you deserve it.
Treat yourself. Give yourself something special this Christmas
and that way you won’t be disappointed with your gift or gifts.

Surprises are best reserved for wide-eyed children on
Christmas Day, its their special day and rightly so, but
that doesn’t mean you can’t make sure you enjoy it too.

Remember to treat yourself this Christmas.

Besides, who are you counting on? Santa?

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