Holidays Vivian | 02 Jan 2011 11:52 pm

Christmas Stocking – The Origin of This Great Christmas Tradition

Along with decorating the tree, hanging some tinsel and perhaps stringing up a few cards nothing is more traditional than pinning a stocking to the fireplace in readiness for Santa’s visit. Sadly, many don’t even bother with the hanging of a pretty stocking and all but a few of us actually know the folk tale behind this tradition.

The origin of the Christmas Stocking.

As with all old tales there are many versions and this is just one of the supposed origins of Christmas stockings. The tale dates back to around the sixteenth century when a European nobleman lost his fortune through poor business dealings. His misfortune was made worse as he had three daughters who could not marry as the poor man could not provide a dowry for them.

The tale continues that Saint Nicholas was passing through that same village and discovered the nobleman’s misfortune. Being a kind and benevolent man St. Nicholas slipped into the family’s home late at night by slipping down the chimney. The three daughters had hung their freshly washed stockings on the fireplace to dry and it was in them that the Saint placed a bag of gold coins for each girl.

Naturally the nobleman was now able to marry off his daughters and they all lived happily ever after.

The story is delightful and hanging a stocking continues this custom for generations to come. To make it all the more meaningful you can make your very own traditional Christmas stocking with a unique felt sewing craft kit. It’s not only a fun activity but the final result will enhance your festive decorations and delight the family especially children.

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