Holidays Vivian | 25 Nov 2010 08:39 am

Christmas Stockings – Hang Your Christmas Stocking

Every year about this time, I start thinking about the pleasure of filling up Christmas Stockings for my kids. With a wife who lovingly purchases gifts for most every other occasion, filling up the Christmas Stockings became my job early in our marriage, and I loved doing it. Sometime in October, I’d get started picking stocking stuffers for my children, my wife, and yes, even myself.

Those first stocking stuffers don’t necessarily have anything to do with Christmas, little statues and decorating items that remind me of each person, along my travels. My daughter gets a lot of angels in her stocking, and my son receives a lot of little cars, even though he’s old enough to be driving them. Small make-up kits, wire games, mini-tool kits, and sewing kits, have been stuffed into the toes of stockings since the children were young. There’s always a pair of gloves, some socks, and a personal item or two that just happens to fit each child.

Their stockings are big enough for me to stash a few books, a favorite movie, a subscription to their favorite magazine, or a coupon to favorite restaurants, for special private time with dear old dad.

As they get a little older, each has received a new set of car keys in their stocking, key rings, a wallet, and most recently a cell phone. One winter, my daughter wanted to visit a friend over Christmas vacation, so I wrapped airline tickets and the keys to a new set of luggage to stash in her stocking.

Stockings get fillers of candy canes, chocolate kisses, coffee and tea bags, or special treats that only I would know about, or be able to find. But the most important thing I ever put in a stocking is all my love for each of my wonderful children.

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, I have a deal for you.

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