Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 24 Sep 2010 01:39 pm

Collecting Las Vegas Casino Chips

New collecting hobbies pop up all of the time around the globe. One collecting hobby that is seeing an increase in participation is Las Vegas casino chip collecting. Most people get started in collecting casino chips by accident. When people visit Las Vegas they sometimes forget to cash in the left over casino chips before leaving town. Over time most build up a little collection and think nothing about it. Casino chip collecting is an addictive hobby as Vegas casinos are forever releasing commemorative and limited edition chips all the time. At the same time, old Vegas casinos are being knocked down and replaced with newer and glitzier gambling casinos. This makes casino chips from the older casinos rare to find. Over the years these will become vintage casino chips and will be harder and harder to find. Poker chips and regular casino chips mostly come in regular denominations from one dollar on up. Most of the extensive chip collections focus on face values of one hundred dollars on down. Many collectors have cases designed to display some of there rarest and oldest chips in their collection.

When you begin collecting, I suggest visiting as many casinos as you can and at the very least pick up a dollar chip from each casino you stop at. A good twenty dollars is nothing to budget aside to pick up these gems. Make sure to stop by the Hard Rock Casino as they are constantly releasing chips of upcoming events and musical acts. There are also many stores and shops online that sell casino chips. Ebay is also becoming a fantastic trading ground for collectors around the world. there are chip collecting organizations forming all the time and can be found very easily on the internet.

So next time you are booking a trip to Las Vegas, make sure to set aside some luggage space and cold hard cash to dedicate to your casino chip collection. It is a great gamble and their is a good bet they will increase in value down the road.

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