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Collecting Urban Vinyl Toys

The current rise in the creation of street art has led to a rise in production of Urban Vinyl Toys that are geared towards collectors who are adults and even adolescents. Collecting art has reached a new level of subject matter and concepts, which allows true collectors of urban toys to appreciate the intricacies that come with these rare items of aesthetic value.

Urban Vinyl was born from the streets of Japan in the 1990s and is now a popular form of collectible and designer sculptural art. These toys combine the underground world of street art with top designers and artists, creating a sort of paradox. Some popular urban vinyl toy designers include Michael Lau and Takashi Murakami.

Urban Vinyl has entered the market as collectible and limited edition art that is designed by an acclaimed artist such as illustrators, musicians, graffiti artists or graphic artists. Each vinyl toy has its own character, personality and story to tell. They often are created in front of an imaginative backdrop of fantasies and concepts that only an artist can bring to life.

Most artists of vinyl toys are not only inspired by real world subject matter, but also of popular culture in the Asian, European and North American regions. More categories in this form of artistic production include Eastern Vinyl, which is any toy designed and produced in Asia or Australia or Western Vinyl, which includes North American, South American and European produced and designed pieces.

The vinyl figurines come in a vast array of sizes, shapes and styles and each one is a distinctive character. They can be collected as individual pieces, but having them in their associated groups can bring out their true qualities and originality. These sets of urban vinyl toys often have a theme that they all share.

As a form of art, these collectibles are rare, sometimes signed and available as “chase” figures as well. Various manufacturers have taken these toys to the next level by producing them in different material such as metal, plush, cloth and even wood.

These toys touch upon various aspects of real life such as protection, love and peace. They often display a set of juxtapositions that we usually confront in the material world that we live in, but never think about in those combinations that the vinyl toys present to us. The result is a collection of figurines that are quirky and unique and may reflect on thematic issues such as good verse evil. This makes the designer toys not only visually appealing, but also complex little figures.

The designers often have a vision that they put into a visual representation that is original, fun and even adorable. Their compositions, details and craftsmanship are of the highest quality. Some popular vinyl toys are influenced by personal drawings and illustrations of an artist who decides to create a three-dimensional composition out of it.

Artists now have a new type of canvas to create never before seen artistic expressions. These urban vinyl toys are a revolutionary and cutting edge movement in the world of contemporary art.

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