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Color Me Green – Ideas for St Patrick’s Day Parties

According to the old saying, everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day. So, how can you get in on the act and celebrate the green on this most festive of holidays? It is a little easier than you might think. In fact, if your idea of celebration involves throwing a party, you are in luck. There are some excellent ways to usher in this holiday in grand style.

What kind of party to throw exactly will depend a lot on your particular style. You might desire a lively and rowdy gathering of friends to celebrate March 17th, a small gathering or even a very intimate affair with just you and someone special. I have some ideas that can help you in all three cases.

So, how do you get started? Pick your flavor of party and go from there, of course.

Here are some of my favorite ideas, depending on the size of the party in question:

Big and lively. If a big, loud and lively celebration of this holiday is to your liking, you will have the luck of the Irish on your side if you take a few steps in advance. To keep things relatively simple, consider basic appetizers, green beer and plenty of green derbies, vests and Kiss Me buttons. A local Irish restaurant should be able to help you with the appetizers. Some hearty Irish stew is always a hit, too. Do not forget to turn on some traditional Irish folk music and set the tone so your guests can cut a rug and dance a jig. Do expect to welcome up the sun the next day though. This kind of party can turn out to be a bigger hit than you might expect.

Small, but fun. Should you have your eyes on a slightly smaller and less rowdy celebration of all that is Irish, a dinner party among couples or a few friends will work well. If you are not skilled in the culinary arts, like me, call a caterer or local restaurant for plenty of corned beef, potatoes, rolls and greens. If a touch of class is desired, opt for green champagne or wine instead of the beer. The Irish folk music is still a great idea, as are the hats and party favors. For a smaller party, consider slightly more romantic Irish tunes blended into the mix.

Intimate and romantic. If you and your sweetheart would prefer to have your own party, St. Patricks Day can prove perfect for romance. A quiet candlelit dinner at home with a few party favors and green champagne to toast to your fortunes should do the trick. There are some excellent holiday themed gift baskets that can also help liven up a celebration for two. Some even offer all the party favors you need to go green and have a blast together.

Celebrating St. Patricks Day in style is more than possible, even if you are not skilled in the fine arts of party planning. This holiday just lends itself to making a party a blast, even with minimal preparation.

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