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Couture Infant Clothing – Fabrics Used

The type of fabric your precious child wears is very important especially if your child has skin allergies or just a sensitive skin. There are parents who are willing to spend top dollars just to buy their child couture infant clothing not just because of the style but also because of the comfort it provides the wearer. One of the key differences between high-priced designer infant clothing and cheaper brands is the fabrics used.

One of the most common and comfortable fabric for infants is cotton. It is soft on the skin and absorbent as well. Usually, this type of fabric will shrink about 10% of its original size after the first wash. Cotton/spandex is stretchable so it moves with the baby. Most common clothing apparel that uses this type of fabric blend is baby legwarmers and tights.

For in between seasons, fleece is the perfect fabric. It is warm and fuzzy on the skin so you are sure that your baby stays warm and comfortable even on cold weather. It is easy to clean as it is almost stain-proof. You can use this type of fabric on your infant often for it dries a lot faster compared to other fabrics. For a real luxury feel try cashmere a fashionable fabric used by couture infant clothing manufacturers. It is a luxury fabric that requires high maintenance. If you do not have money to spend, this type of fabric is not recommended for infants. Not only is it very expensive, the fact that your child will outgrow the clothes sooner than you think makes cashmere a very impractical choice.

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