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Create Beautiful Stained Glass On One Rainy Day

Don抰 you love the beauty of looking at light through stained glass?

It抯 an amazing form of art. You may think it抯 too expensive for you to have beautiful stained glass in special windows in your house, but it doesn抰 have to be.

Try Stained Glass Paint

The first time you apply stained glass paint and let it dry, you will be stunned at the beauty and realism it provides. It抯 amazing how realistic it looks when complete! Most craft stores have Gallery Glass Paint. That is the paint I recommend.

Once purchased, your first action step is to draw long lines of liquid lead on glass and allow it to dry.

Choose a Stained Glass Design

While the lead is drying, decide on a design you would like to see on your window. You can get design books for stained glass or design your own. You will need graphite paper to trace the design onto the window.

Once the design is completed on the window, begin putting the lead along the lines of the design. Use the remaining liquid lead to solder the connecting points of the lead.

Enjoy the Fun!

Next is the fun part. Your stained glass colors can be swirled on solidly, leaving a texture that seems like real stained glass when dry. Enjoy the beauty of stained glass on any budget!

A word of caution. Your window will look so beautiful you will want to protect it. When cleaning, spray your cleaning solution on a clean, lint free, white cloth. Clean the window with the treated cloth. Also, avoid hanging other objects in the window which may touch the window. In the sun the paint becomes soft and having anything touching it for long periods of time can damage the effect. The window is touchable as long as not with something heavy or constantly applying pressure.

Your stained glass window will capture your eyes and heart forever when you follow the guidelines described.

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