Gardening Vivian | 31 Aug 2010 10:52 pm

Create Some Garden Shade This Summer

Sun damage recently has become a hot topic in the press, especially with people gradually understanding just how dangerous being exposed in the sun can be. However, that should not mean that we stop enjoying the summer we have here in the UK, or the enjoyment you can have from sitting in your garden in glorious weather. It is important that within the garden there is plenty of garden shade to sit in when the weather is particularly hot or sunny.

You can create shade in your garden easily and in a way that is both modern and stylish, with sail shades. Sail shades are available in a range of colours and sizes; they are made from material that is fixed to poles to create an area of shade, away from the hot sun. They have trendy look about them and fit well in any garden environment. These are perfect to use if you have a young child in a pram out in the garden and want to keep them away from UV rays.

There are also many plants within the garden that benefit from an area of shade, obviously with a sail shade the shade will change as the day progresses so some plants might spend part of the afternoon out of the sun. The Japanese maples are species of maple trees that enjoy a bit of shade in the garden. They are renowned for their beautiful autumn leaves and quirky bark. They do well as pot plants and in the garden need to be placed in a sheltered area away from strong winds.

Creating an area of your garden that you can relax in without risking your skins health is very important; there is nothing better than enjoying summer, but in a safe way. You can still enjoy lovely warm weather with garden shade, but without the concern for burning or getting uncomfortably hot. By choosing a shade for the garden you can choose to cover a patio area, a pool or a play area. All of these places need protection from the hotter weather and shade can easily be organised.

The climate in Britain is changing considerably and adapting your surroundings to the hotter climate is a sensible move. Skin cancer is a big problem within the UK and younger skin is at risk. Over fifty per cent of skin cancers in the UK are caused by over exposure from the sun. So keep your family safe this summer and create yourself some garden shade.

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