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Creating a Pregnancy Scrapbook

揗ommy, tell me again about when I was born? Any one who is a mother has heard this phrase countless times. Our children love to hear the story of how they were born. For those that are not yet mothers, I promise your kids will ask this many many times in the years to come.

Creating a scrapbook of your pregnancy helps you tell your child the story of their birth.

Here are several ideas for creating this very special scrapbook:

1. Take photos the day you find out you抮e pregnant. Take a photo of mom and dad. Take photos of any siblings and take photos of any grandparents who might live locally.

2. Kids want to know 搘ere you excited??and 搘ere you happy??They also want to know 搘ho did you tell first??Journal the answers to these questions, for inclusion in the scrapbook. If this is your first pregnancy, it抯 hard to guess what your child might ask you in 5 years. Think of yourself as a child. What did you want to know about your mother抯 pregnancy? If you have other children, you know the questions you are going to be asked.

3. Take photos of mom and dad as the pregnancy progresses. Both my kids love seeing the photos of me being pregnant. We took side views, back views and front views.

4. Both my kids wanted to know what their names would抳e been had they been boys. (I have two girls). My own mom tells me about the name discussions she and my dad had before I was born. Again, journal these answers for your child to read when they are older.

5. Keep any reports and ultrasound photos that you receive from the doctor. I have ultrasound photos from both of my kids and they love seeing them.

6. Take a picture of the hospital where the child was born. Both of my kids were born at different hospitals and they both want to know about the hospital they were born at. They both have asked about the hospital stay as well. Did I stay overnight? Did I receive any medication? As the kids get older their questions become more detailed. Writing out the experience and putting this into the scrapbook allows the older child to have more information.

7. Take a picture of the delivering doctor if possible.

8. If there is baby naming, bris, or christening, take photos. Children want to see this. This is part of their birth.

9. Keep a list of who visits you in the hospital. Take photos if possible. Again, these are all questions I抳e been asked by my own kids.

10. Take a photo of their bedroom the night they come home. They want to know what it looked like.

Kids love knowing the story of their birth. It抯 a book they抣l look at over and over again. It抯 truly the story of them!!

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