Parties Vivian | 03 Feb 2011 12:39 am

Creative Ideas for Surprise Birthday Invitations

Ever thought about holding a surprise birthday party for someone close to you? If so, you must’ve given some thought about how difficult it would be to invite the celebrant’s friends and family to attend it, without the celebrant knowing! A real surprise party planner will know how to cover his or her tracks, and that goes for sending surprise birthday invitations.

If you want to send out surprise birthday invitations, you have to put a little effort and creativity into not being found out by your celebrant! Discretion is key! The most important thing is for you to think outside the box. There should be less popular but no less efficient ways to present the invitation. Cards aren’t the only format available to you!

If you need the guests to present something at the gathering, think about making something small and inconspicuous. A business card would be a prime example. You could make something that looks like an ordinary business card in the front, but contains valuable contact information and details related to the surprise party at the back. Something so small is sure to escape the celebrant’s attention! On the other hand, it may be so small as to be easily lost. If you can, make sure to follow up by phone to make sure your target guest still has the invitation!

A coupon-type invitation would be a particularly appealing variant of the discreet invitation route. For the front, use colorful designs and vibrant wording like “ADMIT ONE (1) TO SARAH’S SURPRISE 30TH BIRTHDAY PARTY.” Don’t forget to include the contact details, as well!

Origami invitations would be a truly creative way to present your invitation. The words “You are invited!” may be a good, simple decoration for the front, leading the guest to unfold the origami and find the details for the surprise party preparations written inside!

Make sure to distribute your birthday invitations in person. Word of mouth is still the best way to go about making surprise birthday invitations; call up the friends and family of the celebrants, and leave no evidence. However, if you are not yet familiar with everyone who is invited, an invitation would be called for – this would be their identification card, as it were, when it’s time to get together. They would need something to present at the door as proof that they are in fact invited to the gathering.

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