There are many great reasons to crochet a blanket. It could be as simple as you are cold and want a craft to work on. They are great compliments. Maybe you need a unique special gift for something that you care for. A handmade gift is always extra special. Check out the following steps to learn how to create a beautiful crocheted blanket that you can give as a gift or keep for yourself.

Before you start, you need supplies. All you will need is yarn and a crochet hook. Choose colors of yarn that go well together. Choose colors that match the room it will go in, either one of yours or in a friend’s house. Try not to choose all dark colors or all light colors. Mix and match the colors. Try to use one or two colors with maybe a lighter or darker one. Also, don’t use colors that are too similar such as white and eggshell. It might just end up looking dirty. Make sure you buy enough yarn. If you are using a standard size blanket you might use anywhere from 10 to 30 skeins. Choose a pattern and follow the pattern to get the right amount of yarn.

Choose a pattern that isn’t too difficult because you are new to crocheting. Don’t think that the harder the stitch and pattern the more beautiful it will be. Even the simplest pattern can look really good. Look through the pattern and make sure you understand everything. Make sure that you can do every stitch that is used so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of your blanket.

To start the blanket you will need to make a chain. The pattern you are using will tell you how many links are necessary in the chain. Usually it will be something like 6 plus 2. This means that you will need to make it in groups of 6 and then add 2 more at the end. For example, you can make the chain 20 groups of 6, which would be 120. Then add 2 to make 122. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

Now you can finally start on your blanket. Just follow along the pattern and crochet. A large afghan can take a long time, so don’t think you can spend 10 minutes per day and finish it in a week. That would be difficult even for the speediest of crochetters. The best part about crocheting is that you can do it anytime and almost anywhere. It’s great to do to kill time or while you are watching television. Just know that as it gets bigger, it also gets harder to lug around.

When you change colors and yarns, leave a little bit of yarn at the end so that you can double knot it at the end to keep it from unraveling. Don’t go too fast if you are constantly messing up. Some stitches don’t show mess ups, but some showcase it very well. With all the time you spend on this blanket, you are not going to want to mess it up.

When you are finished, put a border on it or fringe if you would like. Fold it up, drape it across a couch, or wrap it up to give it to a friend. Make sure it finds a good home. You spent a lot of work on it, you want it to be appreciated!