Babies-Toddler Vivian | 30 Mar 2010 06:45 am

Custom Car Seat Covers and Car Seat Warranties

Everyone wants to pamper their little one. It doesn’t matter that the baby won’t know or that your toddler could care less. As a parent, especially the first time around, we want and buy everything for our child. This includes fancy bedroom linens that in hindsight we spent WAY to much money on, an over the top wall mural that the child will grow out of by their 2nd birthday and countless other useless “necessities”. As a parent I did all of these things. But when it came to practicality, I balked at the price and reasoned with myself why I did not need such an expensive item. Then I came up with said item, out of necessity of course, and cannot understand why everyone is not jumping through hoops to claim it. Well, the reason has come to my attention; warranties. It is all about what a manufacturer says in their manual. Now, don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why warranties are in place and that they need to be followed. I also realize that what a manufacturer says voids the warranty is not necessarily in the best interest of anyone but themselves. For example, a child car seat.

The manufacturer says that putting ANY item that did not come with the seat voids the warranty. which is a total of 1 year (tell me who gets a new car seat every year just to keep the warranty?). So I want to know, what are all these accessories for children’s car seats doing on the market. Right off the bat I can name head rests, seat warmer covers, shoulder straps, body positioners…the list can go on for miles. So why is it that a car seat cover is so controversial? It works the same as the manufacturers cover, just cuter more fashionable and fun. It interferes no more than any of the above mentioned items yet it gets parents in a tizzy. I think that people need to lighten up. Most of the items made for kids are by moms, who always have the best for children, yours and theirs, in mind.

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