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Designing Your Baby Nursery – Choices and Considerations

With so many available choices, it is not easy to decide what kind of nursery you want for your baby. You can choose an elegant designer nursery,?a traditional one, or go contemporary, modern, country cottage, vintage (which is also called shabby chic), or whimsical (also known as eclectic). It seems like a lot of choices, but isn’t really, since you need to consider the style and decorating theme of the rest of your home before you decide.

If you have a formal, classical home, you might choose the elegant design, a whimsical one, or even vintage.?If you have a Southwestern style home, you might go traditional, or whimsical.?A contemporary home might go with contemporary, modern, country cottage, vintage, or whimsical.?The modern home would choose modern, contemporary, vintage or whimsical. Any small, country style home could easily use traditional, country cottage, or vintage style.

Confused??Then let’s define the various styles:

  • Traditional – Simple, soft and welcoming, with your usual blues for baby boys and pinks for little girls. Other pastels can be included. The crib and the dressing table are curved, usually white, and the room will also have?a rocker and a toy box.?Walls are usually papered or stenciled and chair rails may or may not be used. Wall to wall carpeting, simple cotton fabrics, bumper pads in the crib and a musical mobile complete the picture.?/li>
  • Contemporary – Also simple, with minimal clutter, but comfortable.?Furniture is usually black, beige, or white and shiny, with plain lines and shapes. Bold accessorizing colors are used, floors are hardwood or laminate with colorful throw rugs, usually in geometric patterns. Textures are rich.
  • Modern – Similar to contemporary though more extreme.?It isn’t easy to find baby furnishings or accessories in this style.?Neutral colors and geometric designs are used, mostly in circles or stripes.
  • Elegant, Designer – By far the most costly way to decorate, but beautiful and very formal. Soft, neutral colors are used, and walls are detailed by painting and sponging, marbling, or ragging with faux paint effects.?Natural wood floors with expensive traditionally patterned, high quality rugs, and formal window treatments such as sheers, tied-back draperies and swags or valances adorn the windows. Cribs may be canopied, and formal chandeliers may be used.
  • Country Cottage – Another very comfortable theme, it is a quaint, and unfussy mixture of old and present designs.?Colors are mild, and reminiscent of both autumn and spring, using greens, creams, yellows, peaches, pinks and mauves. You can use solid, distressed furniture that doesn’t match, and throw rugs that are floral and woven on hardwood floors. Wicker, earthenware, and wood is used for accessorizing.
  • Vintage (Shabby Chic)- In this theme you would like to have an antique cradle and a dollhouse, set in gentle pastels and off whites. Though valuable vintage things are used in this design, it still manages a casual and comfortable look. Window treatments would use wrought iron and old fashioned shears. Pictures and photos would be in tintypes or black and white, framed in silver. ?/li>

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