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Developing a Lifelong Love of Reading

Every child should be exposed to books at an early age. Being read to at an early age will foster a love of books and reading, one that has many benefits for children as they grow into adulthood. Reading is a great way to learn and reading with your child or grandchild will help them to learn many things and develop many important skills.

Most children’s first encounters with reading are through board books. These small books are durable and able to withstand the rough handling of infants and small children. They are usually simple, containing bright and easy to understand pictures with a few simple words. Board books are the perfect introduction to reading with their thick durable pages that are perfect for young children to explore. Small children enjoy looking at board books with their parents, grandparents, and caregivers as well as exploring them alone.

Some of the most popular books for young children are picture books. These types of books are designed for very young children and have illustrations or pictures accompanied by the word they represent. These types of books are great for teaching all sorts of concepts from shapes and colors to letters and numbers. They give children a great basis for future learning and a good foundation for formal education. Picture books help children to understand the world around them and introduce many concepts that they will learn later in childhood.

By the time a child reaches three years of age, they are usually ready to start experiencing other types of books. Books for young children are often made of durable materials like board books with more complex stories and pictures. They are great for children with longer attention spans but will still stand up to the touch of a young child as they help to turn pages and look at books on their own. Books for young children often have playful language and many contain rhymes, some of the most notable children’s books are from Dr. Seuss who wrote many imaginative rhyming stories.

For older children that have outgrown picture books and board books but are not ready for long novels, there are many transitional books and short chapter books that they can enjoy reading themselves. After a child learns how to read they can practice their skills on short chapter books that are fun and encourage children to read by themselves. Chapter books for children are designed to hold their interest, written on a level that they can easily understand, and help to develop a child’s love of reading.

Older children who have been exposed to books all their lives and enjoy reading will often do well in school and have an easy time learning new things and understanding new concepts. Older children can enjoy longer novels, especially imaginative ones and young adult fiction. There are many great titles both old and new that will help your child or grandchildren develop a lifelong love of reading. Reading can begin at any time with board books and continue throughout childhood.

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