Parenting Vivian | 06 May 2011 05:26 pm

Disciplining Children By Example

Parenting is one of hardest challenges that you will ever face in life. A large component of that is disciplining children. There doesn抰 seem to be any right way to discipline children and there are a variety of theories available on the topic. However, it抯 always good to start with a few good pointers to get your children headed in the right direction.


Children need instruction and they may need it over and over again. This is normal and children learn from consistency. When a child reaches a high level of understanding, they will gradually learn what you are teaching them. Be sire that you don抰 ignore any questions that your child may have, as answering those questions will only help them learn more quickly.

Your Children are a Reflection of You

Parents are role models to their children. We have to model the behavior that we want our children to follow. If you are always late for appointments, don抰 complain when your children are always late. They are simply demonstrating the behaviors that they have learned from you. This also goes for whining, complaining and throwing 揳dult?temper tantrums.


Nagging is negative, but praise is positive. Making a concerted effort to be more positive is better for the entire family. Instead of constantly nagging at your children, work on making them aware of the many good things that they do. Little bits of praise throughout the day or evening can be excellent for their self-esteem and not overwhelming.


A loving parent should always warn their child graciously. Be clear as to where the limits are set and never waver. Children will bounce against the walls, but they will soon learn from gracious warnings where the limits are set. When the limits are crossed, you must also be prepared with penalties.

One of the most important aspects of disciplining children is that you always follow through. You must be sure to do what you said you would do when it comes to children. If you do not, they will soon learn that the limits you have set are not real boundaries and they will cross the line whenever they can simply because they can get away with it.

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