Pregnancy Vivian | 07 Mar 2011 04:39 pm

Does Skipping Carbs Help Lose Pregnancy Weight?

So you’ve just had a new baby and now you need to get rid of a little extra weight that you gained. You’ve read lots of tips about dieting and I’m sure one of them is about how to skip these types of food in order to lose your extra pounds.

Is it true that carbohydrates are a problem with gaining, or in our case, losing weight? Some people think there is a property to carbs that keeps the fat on compared to other foods. Or that somehow your body can’t handle carbohydrates it they lead you to getting fat.

You probably like carbohydrates so giving them up isn’t going to be an easy task. So much of the daily foods you might encounter contain carbs making it difficult to avoid. Things like breakfast cereals, sandwiches for lunch, and pastas for dinner are all very common foods that most people include in their diet. So to give these up would be quite a challenge.

Not eating these types of foods might cause cravings due to the hunger from starving yourself. So it’s not easy task. Luckily however it doesn’t have to be the case as it’s possible to eat carb-based food and still lose weight.

How is this possible though considering the bad reputation that carbohydrates have achieved over the years? You don’t have to give up your favorite foods just to lose some of those extra pounds put on during pregnancy. Luckily carbohydrates can still be a part of your daily diet as long as you have a smart plan to get back in shape.

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