Parenting Vivian | 27 Apr 2011 09:13 am

Don’t Use Food As A Reward For Your Baby

Little Joe has just done his homework without any prompting
from either of his parents. But because their teacher had
threatened to punish whoever fails to do his homework.

Little Joe’s parents have always found themselves rushing to
do the boy’s homework while they are on their way to work
in the morning and before the arrival of the school bus which
comes around every morning to pick the boy.

Because Little Joe had used his discretion to do the homework
without hassles, his mother gave him a packet of assorted
biscuits as a reward. She, however, did not say so

Other times too, Little Joe’s parents would offer him sweets
when he did something which they felt should be commended.

To Little Joe these actions meant that anytime he does
anything that suits his parents he was sure to get biscuits as
a reward and he never ceased from expecting that from
them .

But one day he did his homework as quickly as he could
without getting any biscuits from his parents. This devastated
him and he became rebellious.

No biscuits… no homework!

Do you blame Little Joe?

Or do you blame his parents who were rewarding wrongly?

Experts agreed that food is not the right reward for our
children giving our children biscuits or sweets in order to
ensure that they cease crying is not appropriate.

Why? You wonder?

It may be true that you have been doing this over the
years without any negative effect whatsoever.

The fact remains that your child may eventually give your
good gesture his own wrong interpretation which is that
food is a reward and comfort.

The consequence would be that he automatically expects you
to give him food instead of praising him whenever he does
anything commendable.

Parents should choose to praise their children when they are
impressed by what has been done by them.

Give them a lot of praise as rewards.

Try also to spend quality time with them, no matter how
tight you think your schedule is.

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