Babies-Toddler Vivian | 05 Oct 2010 06:13 pm

Double Jogging Strollers and All the Other Baby Stuff – Moms Today Are So Lucky!

If you are a mother of twins like I am, you can understand just how crazy the day can get! Okay, let me rephrase that statement – If you are a parent of toddlers you will understand just how busy life is. Can we ever get anything done? More importantly, can we ever find the time to do something for ourselves?

Now, I don’t mean to sound selfish, but when do mom’s (and dad’s) really get a moment to themselves? I am sure we have all been in the bathroom while a child bangs on the door, or shoves toys underneath for you to play with. Parents don’t ask for much, after all we love our kids and we delight in being with them. But our sanity needs some tender loving care too. But what do you do? If you are a working mom, you feel guilty if you don’t spend every moment you are home with your kids. If you are a stay at home mom, you can’t find anyone to tend them while you do something for yourself. It is a dilemma!

When my twins were starting to walk and by walk I mean run! They were into everything – I am sure you have all been there. I would have loved to take a break, even just to go outside. But, going outside with the twin tornadoes was a lot more work than staying in the house. They both wanted to run – in opposite directions! Oh, how I wanted to just go outside and take a walk. That was impossible unless I had someone to go with me though. I had my twins 20 years ago. Do you remember the double strollers from 20 years ago?

There weren’t many double strollers to choose from back then. Maybe the stroller manufacturers didn’t think people had twins? Or maybe they thought we would be nuts to go out in public with all our kids! I remember two choices, there might have been more but these two were the basics. First you had the front/back option. I didn’t like this for two reasons – one: the kid in the back could never see where he was going. The back of the front seat was in his line of sight. Two: these strollers were like a freight train! Try getting one through the door of a store when you are by yourself, not happening. I guess you would always hope someone would take pity and open the door for you. The other option was the side by side umbrella stroller. Have you ever put a newborn in an umbrella stroller? Enough said!

Moms today are so lucky! In addition to a great selection of strollers, they have got their choice of some of the greatest baby gadgets. For me a baby monitor was my own two ears. I tested the bath water with my elbow. My kids did not benefit from Baby Einstein or Leap Frog. No, I didn’t have any of these fun baby raising products and my kids turned out okay. But I would have given my first born for one of those double jogging strollers! Okay – maybe I wouldn’t have given him away, but I would have been tempted!

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