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Easy Origami and Crafts For Children

The word origami is derived from the Japanese words ‘oru’ meaning ‘to fold’ and ‘kami’ meaning ‘paper’. Thus, this is the art of paper folding. It is an interesting craft that people of all ages enjoys. However, kids enjoy it most, converting a plain sheet of paper into a variety of objects.

There are numerous origami project ideas ranging from easy origami and crafts for children, to the advance level of paper crafting. Young children are introduced to this craft in order to help develop their fingers, as well as their coordination. Making them make paper objects also helps them to concentrate better and follow instructions with more focus.

Given here are two basic origami objects that can be created at the beginner levels. There are varied books published that teach this craft. There are also experts, who conduct origami classes…

Origami airplane:

Take a rectangular sheet of paper.
Fold the sheet down the middle, then unfold it, making a crease.
Then fold each corner towards the center crease line forming triangles on the top two corners.
Now fold along the crease line, thereby forming the body of the airplane.
Now fold each side to form the wings of the airplane.
Fold the corners of the wings forming a triangle on either side.
The airplane is ready to fly…

Origami floating boat

Take a rectangular sheet of paper.
Fold the sheet into two equal halves.
Fold it once again as though folding a handkerchief.
Open the second fold, forming a crease down the center.
Now create two triangles on the same side in such a way that one side of each triangle touches the center crease.
It now looks like a house.
Fold the lower rectangular edges of the paper outwards.
Now with your fingers open this into a hat, carefully so that you do not tear it.
Then bring the corners of the brim of the hat towards each other.
The edges have to be pushed outwards.
The hat is to be squashed into the shape of a square.
Fold the lower corner of the square upwards, flipping it over. Repeat the same for the other corner.
Now open up the folded triangle so as to bring the corners together.
Squash this triangle forming a square.
Pull the outer corners of the square till the boat is formed.

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