Holidays Vivian | 26 Oct 2010 11:39 pm

Electric Fires – Why it is the Most Common Cause of Fire For the Month of December

We have to admit that imitations nowadays are as good as the original devices. Sometimes, you cannot tell the difference by looking at it. The only indicator is the price. These so-called alternatives, clones, imitations or whatever you can label it, is surprisingly affordable. Sad to say, they can work but not for long. Sometimes, they can even cause incidence of electrical fires at home. Yes, there is a high incidence of electrical fires caused by faulty wirings. However, since these cheap alternatives do not undergo a process of being tested and qualified by the authorities, the materials to make them may not be enough to withstand electricity for a long time. They may even wear out caused natural factors.

According to the NFPA, December is the most dangerous month for electrical fires. This is because the season is getting colder and people would most likely stay indoors for heat. There will be a surge in the consumption of electricity and increased used of electrical devices to meet this need. This could pose a problem because homes with old wirings might not be able to handle the increase usage or there will be overloading in sockets and extension wires.

At times when fire will start to burst out from your electrical devices, you can put it out safely. However, you have to use the right extinguisher. There are different fire extinguisher types. Only devices with Class C label or ratings can be used for extinguishing electrical fires.

However, you can actually prevent this kind of fire from occurring:

1.First, you need to do regular inspection of these wirings. If they are too old, it is about time you replace them. You do not need an accident to give you a heads up on what you should do.

2.Second, overloading is such a big problem. If the socket is built for four direct connections then that should be the only limit. You will probably leave without some of them anyway. However, if you really are persistent in using these devices, take shifts on using them.

3.Third, avoid putting electrical devices near anything that is combustible. An acceptable 3 feet distance from walls is advisable. As much as possible, put them on dry location. Avoid putting cold drinks on top of them, or any place where water showers are inevitable.

4.Do not leave these electrical devices on when you are not using them. The best practice is to turn on when needed and turn them off when not as well as pulling the cord out of the socket.

You may need the different fire extinguisher types to battle this kind of fire. But a wise man would say that prevention is better than cure. Safety measures are better practiced to avoid the worst from happening. Of course, no one would want their holidays ruined over ignorance. Therefore, it is your job as well to know how to use the devices safely. In addition, never settle for cheap alternatives; go for the widely accepted devices.

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