Parenting Vivian | 26 Oct 2010 11:52 am

Enhancing Creativity in Your Child

A child’s mind is like a blossoming flower, they need the proper nutrients to grow and reach their full potential. Flowers need sunlight, soil, and water and a child’s mind needs mental stimulation to help improve their motor skills, problem solving, and identifying colors and shapes. Many children who are exposed to these types of activities at an early age will adapt and identify to more difficult and complicated educational learning tools later in life. Creativity in a child is very important because it will allow them to become more creative as they grow older, which can lead to creative job positions.

One way to enhance the creativity in your child and jump start their brain is by finding the right educational toys. Toys such as dolls and action figures are great no question about that, but toys that are fun to play with and serve an educational purpose is double the bang for the buck. A basic yet very functional toy for children, especially boys, are building blocks. Building blocks will aid child to use their imagination and build whatever their heart desires. Building blocks can be used for children of any age, and as they grow older the structures and toys can become more complicated and create more detailed structures.

Art is a fantastic way to bring a child’s mind to life. A erasable chalk board with markers can entertain a child for hours. A child can learn the variety of colors through drawing and painting by learning what colors go with what types of objects, such as blue skies, yellow suns, green trees, red apples and so on. Also by creating drawings and paintings, children can show off what they have learned in a fun, satisfying way to their parents and teachers. If children continue to paint and draw over time, you will be able to see their educational progress by how increasingly more complicated their drawings and paintings do become.

Sounds and music also play a very critical role in enhancing a child’s creative potential. Pianos, guitars, drum sets, are excellent ways for child to create notes, beats, rhythms, and other musical sounds. These types of musical toys will allow children to sing songs, and even maybe build confidence by performing in front of others.

It may be also beneficial to understand what type of activities and toys a child enjoys most. If they enjoy painting and drawing look for those tools, if they enjoy building and working with their hands look for toys that are construction related. Children will often lean towards one toy or another.

Enhancing the creativity in a child’s life will not only be rewarding to them but also to those help a child reach their creativity. We live in a age where the amount of educational toys seem to be endless so it is important to take advantage of what is available. While parents want what is best for their children or child, it is also important to let children decide what they enjoy playing with. Showing and making children aware of the educational toys will only improve their lives for the better.

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