Gardening Vivian | 06 Aug 2010 06:26 am

Enjoy a Year-Round Beauty in the Gardenia Four Seasons

Just like most gardenias, the Gardenia Four Seasons provides a heavy, pleasant perfume. The scent of this individual flower is world-renowned. It is a gorgeous addition to any garden, patio, or indoor room. The plant is condensed and very small, so it thrives particularly well when planted in a pot. Growing quickly, new sprouts will blossom and spread into beautiful flowers with many layered, white petals. Its lengthy and slender leaves will often stand erect, thus being a trademark of this plant. It will certainly stand apart from other flora in your home or garden. It is a plant with a lot of potential, and can reach heights of 3 feet if kept in the proper environment. It needs a lot of sunlight and will succeed best in temperatures over sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

While many gardenias are easy to cultivate, the Gardenia Four Seasons must be planted in a specific manner. If planted outside in the ground, its soil needs to be an even blend of course sand, sphagnum peat, and dried manure. Indoors, you should leave out the manure. Most types of sand are acceptable, so long as they are not contaminated. Be sure to blend the composite thoroughly and plant your gardenia so that it is sturdy even in wet soil.

When planting the Gardenia Four Seasons outside, it must be given a hollow two times the length and width of its original pot. While planting, even if its roots are constricted, you should not upset them. Before filling the space around the plant, you should position it the way you prefer. Pack the aforementioned mixture into the hole around your gardenia, adding water to encourage the plant to spread and come to rest in its new habitat. You can also build a small ridge along the outside of your flower to keep extra water in to help acclimate your plant to its new environment.

The watering needs of the Gardenia Four Seasons vary based on whether it is housed indoors or lives in your garden. In areas that have more extreme climate changes, the maintenance of this flower will differ, including adjusting the amount of watering and the type of soil. If potted inside, the plant will need more or less water depending on the size and depth of its container and how thick the soil is. Some plants will need to be watered weekly, and some twice weekly. When living outdoors, these flowers only need to be watered once weekly, and only if there has been no rain.

The Gardenia Four Seasons is definitely one of the most special of all gardenias. If you plan to use it as a fragrant decoration in your home or as a lovely accent to your garden, you will be very pleased. Its scent is one-of-a-kind and it is a wonderful addition to any room or garden.

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