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Fabulous Handmade Baby Shower Invitations Made Easy!

Baby shower invitations are one of the most important pieces of planning for a baby shower. Why you might ask? Well, the baby shower invitation is the first impression that your guests will have of the event. It is therefore the first chance you have to set the tone and theme for your wonderful baby shower. By carefully planning ahead and making a handmade baby shower invitation you can really wow your guests before they ever get to your doorstep. By using simple materials your probably already have or purchasing a few extra things you can easily make a handmade baby shower invitation.

The theme is the most important guiding principle in making your baby shower invitation. You will want to carefully consider ways to pull the theme into the invitation. Be it through the graphics, colors, or wording of the invitation you want to be sure to use your theme.

This can be a very easy process and by following some of the ideas below to spark your imagination you should be off and making your own unique and handmade baby shower invitation in no time.

Handmade Paper – It is not very difficult to make your own paper at home or even buy handmade paper at your local craft store. This combined with a few of the other techniques discussed below can really make for a handmade baby shower invitation that has quality written all over it. Honestly there is nothing quite like the touch and feel of handmade pieces of paper. When your recipients of these invitations open and read the invitations they will be delighted with the sensation of handmade paper. These types of papers will work well with stamps, calligraphy and other handmade baby shower invitation techniques.

Stamps – More and more people are getting into stamping and scrap booking. The supplies and techniques that are available in these fields is growing exponentially. It is really a lot of fun and can be a wonderful way to enjoy your hobby while make a handmade baby shower invitation. So simply go to your local craft store and pick up some fun stamps, pens, and even embossing powder and get started making your invitation. Try to find stamps that fit with your theme. A very fun theme can be baby building blocks and there are also many stamps that you can use to make an invitation with baby building blocks or Alphabet blocks.

Stickers – Stickers can be another fun way to make a handmade baby shower invitation. You can easily buy stickers from your local craft store that will fit well into your theme. Pick carefully and use high quality products. You might also want to think about how you can integrate handmade papers, stamps and stickers to make a really unique handmade invitation.

Wax Seals – Wax seals with an initial can be a lot of fun to add a quality finishing touch to your handmade invitation. You simply close and seal the envelope closed and then melt a little bit of wax on to the outside of the envelope. Then press a seal with your initials or family crest into the hot wax. This is a very nice finishing touch to a handmade baby shower invitation.

Computer – There has been a huge proliferation of computers in recent years and almost every household now has a computer. Many of the computers come with wonderful printing and page layout software. For example some popular titles are Printmaster, Microsoft Publisher, Print Artists and many others. If you do not have one of these programs they can easily be purchased for under $15.00 dollars and they are very easy to install and get up and running. The great advantage of doing a baby shower invitations this way is you can make each one unique and custom. You can add in the recipient’s names and even change the colors of each invitation to make them all individual and unique. Also with the templates that are often included with these types of programs it should be easy to find a template that will fit your purpose and theme. You can easily find a template that fits in with your theme and then make a few changes to customize it like changing colors or inserting different graphics.

These are only a few of the ideas that can be done in creating a handmade baby shower invitation. It might help to have your friends or close family member’s pitch in and help with making them or even gathering materials and ideas for the invitation. Just make sure you plan well ahead of time and leave yourself enough time to be creative and not under a lot of stress.

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