Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 26 Feb 2011 10:00 pm

Face Painting Designs – 7 Sure Fire Ways to Mess Up

You have to avoid these mistakes if you want your face painting designs to have great visual impact.

1. Wrong paint

You paint using non toxic paints thinking these are safe on the face and the sitter comes out in a bright red rash.

Solution: use only FDA approved (or similar national body in other countries) face paints. Allergic reaction to these is rare whereas other paints can cause rashes and even permanent scarring. Be extra careful when applying face paint close to the eyes. Only wash brushes and sponges in hot water, never alcohol or detergents, as these too can cause allergic reaction.

2. Colors run into each other

Solution: allow one color to dry completely before applying the next color. And, thoroughly clean brush or sponge in hot water before applying another color.

3. The base color is streaky

Solution: use less water to thin the paint. Only use quality face paints for your face painting designs.

4. Painting dark colors first

Unable to correct mistakes when adding lighter color on top of dark colors without wiping clean that area and starting again.

Solution: start with the lightest colors working up to the darkest colors. That way you can paint over any small mistakes you have made.

5. Detail is too thick and bold

Design has lost its proportions because shapes and lines are in the wrong thickness.

Solution:for fine detail you must use a thin brush. It’s best to use a minimum of three brushes in face painting – thin, medium and large.

6. Face paint is not sitting well on skin

Solution:thoroughly clean face with a moist wipe to remove any grime or excess oil. And, if necessary use a make up band to keep hair off the face. Use the best quality face paints you can afford.

7. Face paint cracks soon after it dries

Solution: apply face paint in a thin layer. You can always apply another layer to build up color density.

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