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Father’s Day Craft Ideas – How To Make A Father’s Day Gift Bag

You may have already started shopping for that special gift for Father’s Day. After all, Father’s Day is June 18 which is just around the corner. Whether you are getting him a tie, a shirt, some socks, or bar-b-que utensils you can always be creative with how you present your gift. For instance, try making your own special gift bag to hold Dad’s special gift.

Here is how to make a Father’s Day Gift Bag:

Materials Needed: NOTE: Amount of Materials Needed will need to be judged by you as it will depend on the size of your gift bag.

  • Blank Gift Bag
  • Happy Father’s Day stickers
  • His favorite hobby stickers; for instance, if enjoys golf then try to find some golf stickers. For our example we will use fishing themed stickers.
  • White alphabet beads with colored letters
  • Black Cord
  • Rick Rack
  • Tacky Glue
  • Tissue Paper
  • Clothes pins with springs


    On the front of the bag, in the center, place your “Happy Father’s Day” sticker. Then randomly place the hobby stickers around it.

    Wrap both handles of the gift bag with rick rack.

    Use the alphabet beads to spell your Dad’s name or you may just spell out “Happy Father’s Day” whatever you would like. Thread the beads onto the black cord and glue the cord ends on each side of the gift bag.

    Glue two rows of the rick rack around the top of the bag and you may want to glue some to the bottom edge of the bag. That is up to you to decide. Use the clothes pins to hold the rick rack in place until it dries.

    Use the tissue paper to cover your gift when you place it in the gift bag.

    This Father’s Day Craft idea is sure to be a hit with Dad. He will treasure this special handmade gift for many years.

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