Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 06 Oct 2010 08:00 pm

Finished Dollhouses – Choosing the Perfect Dollhouse

Finished dollhouses come in many sizes, shapes, styles and finishes. Depending on who the house is for, depends on what kind of dollhouse you should choose.

Children usually get houses in ‘play’ size, which is the 2 inch scale and big enough to be handled by the young ones. These houses are often placed on the floor and the children can walk around them while playing and furnishing them. Children’s playhouses are made from plywood and can be just as small as a one room box or they can be mansions of 5 to 10 rooms or more.

People who are older, collectors or miniature enthusiasts usually purchase finished dollhouses in order to display their miniatures and dollhouse accessories such as the furniture, rugs, lights, miniature fine china, ornaments and even miniature porcelain dolls. For these people it is their pride to show off their collection of miniature items. These houses mostly come in the 1 inch and ?inch scale. The largest selection of miniature accessories you will find come in the 1 inch scale. Keep this in mind when choosing the scale of house you select.

Finished dollhouses for the collector can range from a 3-room country cottage to a 13-room Victorian mansion. There are also farmhouses and mansards in different sizes. Some of the finished dollhouses are in the colonial style, some in Gregorian style and some are modern townhouses and log cabins. It really depends on everybody’s personal preference which dollhouse to choose.

It’s important to select the right style of furniture for your dollhouse. If you have purchased most of your dollhouse accessories already and they are all Victorian dollhouse furniture then it’s no good to purchase a modern townhouse to put them in. Therefore it may be wiser to choose the style of house first before you go out to select the furniture and miniature items to fill them with.

Another consideration when choosing amongst all the finished dollhouses is the place where you would like to display your house. Some people have lots of space and can easily display a 13-room mansion. Others may only be able to place a small 5-room cottage in their home. It is important to purchase the right size dollhouse for the space you have available.

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