Holidays Vivian | 05 Aug 2010 10:00 am

Flee the Festivities This Year With an Exciting Christmas Break

Just as Christmas is a time for people to catch up with their loved ones, indulge in good food and relax after a hard year’s work, it is also a period which causes many to suffer from undue stress and anxiety. And, for all the individuals who believe spending the holiday period with family is a top priority, there are those who can think of nothing better than to flee the festivities.

Indeed, thoughts of impenetrable crowds desperately seeking those last minute gifts, coupled with the annual supermarket dash for food and wine, is enough to put even the most laid back person into a state of panic. Add some feuding family members to the mix, and it is easy to see why people yearn to get away from it all!

According to one study, around 17 million Britons would like to escape the Christmas season, either by simply ignoring it, or going away. Additional research also found that one in ten of the respondents interviewed stated they would be likely to spend Christmas away from home, with one in four believing this would relieve the strain it brought upon from it.

Festive breaks, whether long or short, can be viewed as the ideal solution. Whether you want to escape from the routine of Christmas shopping in your home town or you want to retreat to somewhere different for the entire holiday period, there are a range of interesting options to choose from.

For example, why not escape from it all, with a European city break? Not only do you get to experience Christmas in new place, but you can also take the opportunity to stock up on some more unusual gifts. And, from Germany, Austria and France to Finland or Denmark, there are some amazing places to visit.

Not only that, but each comes with their own take on Christmas. As a result, you can spend your time wandering around the unique Christmas markets, frolicking in snow-filled mountains or simply relaxing on a horse drawn carriage, whilst you soak up the city sights.

For something a bit closer to home, there are also a number of enticing Christmas breaks that can be found around the UK. For instance, you can travel to London and partake in the huge array of entertainment on offer, or go ice skating in Edinburgh. Alternatively, Cardiff offers up some great festive activities to do.

Furthermore, the great benefit of going away is that you don’t have to worry about cooking the Christmas dinner, tidying up after relatives or fighting over what to watch on television. So, if you’re dreading the festive season this year, why not do something about it and book yourself an indulgent Christmas short break? You never know, it may just be the solution to all of your stresses!

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