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Flowers Secrets – How to Care For Cut Flowers

My favourite flowers are those that have been cut at the stem and are kept undisturbed in a vase containing water. One can buy them from florists or can cut it from the garden nearby. Cut flowers kept inside a vase can be said to be perfect decoration to ones room and home and can be used for lots of occasions like marriage. This can even change the mood of people staying along with. Always a waft of fresh air is brought into the room and will thus make the people happier. Proper arrangement and placement of these flowers will only help to add beauty and freshness to your room.

The life expectancy of a cut flower is dearly affected if it is cut. Applying some tricks like aspirin in the water used can lengthen the life span of the flowers and the freshness of your room. Again by keeping cut flowers away from direct sunlight, heating furnaces or even electrical devices like TV, computer etc. will help to increase its life span. Lifespan of fresh cut flower can be increased by dropping a penny into the vase. Fresh Flowers are mostly deteriorated through the infection of bacteria. It should be made sure that the water inside the vase is clean and free from germs and bacteria. Again the bouquet can be made healthy by adding plant food properly to the whole arrangement. To make the flowers open faster one can use warm water for the bouquet.

Many problems arise while preserving flowers in shop. Air bubble inside the stem of a flower immersed in water can prevent food and nutrients from entering. It should be made sure that the flower stem is always beneath the water. Water should is replaced after every 2-3 days. It should be noted that leaves should be removed before keeping the fresh flowers immersed inside the water. Bacteria may be formed in the leaves attached to the flowers that are immersed into the water. The stem should be carefully cut so that a maximum surface area is formed. More is the surface area the more will be the intake of food and nutrients. Again it is good practice to cut flower stems under water because this will prevent bubbles from entering into the veins of the stem.

Different types of flowers need different protocols of cares. Those fresh flowers that have a woody stem will last longer only if the stem is crushed and split. If the flower arrangement is in such a manner that one does not want to show the stem then it will be better to place them in a random way before flower delivery.

Each and every flower represents different offbeat moods. Colour of the tulips usually follows those colour trends that are popular generally. Tulips are popularly known as elegant flowers and roses are said to be romantic flowers. Fresh flowers are very much used as wedding flowers and there is no other occasion to use flowers other than marriages.

It is always better to cut flowers at morning or evening and that too when the weather has cooled down. Plants are usually found to have got stored food during morning and this helps in that extra fragrance. Thus flowers, be it arranged in vases or be it in wild on the plants, their beauty, charm and fragrance will only spread and enhances the blissful feeling of a person.

Florists have special place in our lives. We would like to be surrounded by flowers any time, and know how to keep them looking their best. Here’s your chance to get some tips from the Internet famous florist, brought to you by Livia Monroe.

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