Parenting Vivian | 27 Dec 2010 01:13 am

Games For a Road Trip

As a father of 5, I know how boring those long car rides can get for the kids. I’m always looking for ways to keep the kids busy when we’re taking long drives. One thing that can make a big difference is playing these great travel games for children. These are all fun games for a road trip, that will keep the kids occupied and keep them from asking “Are we there yet?” every five minutes.

I Spy: This one is a classic, but surprisingly entertaining. One person starts by picking an object in the car. Then everyone else takes turns asking yes or no questions. Play continues until someone identifies the object correctly.

Scavenger Hunt: Before the trip, make a list of objects that you might see along the way. Give everyone a copy and as you travel, they mark off each item that they find. The winner is the first one to find all the objects or whoever has the most at the end of the trip.

License Plate States: Everyone needs a pencil and paper. Try to spot as many different state’s license plates as you can. The first person to see each state gets a point. You can decide how many points you need to win.

Road Sign Alphabet: Starting with the letter A, each person tries to be the first to spot the letter on a road sign. When a letter is found, that person gets a point and you move on to the next letter. When you get to Z, the person with the most points wins.

Twenty Questions: This one can be played anywhere, whether you’re on road trip or not. One person thinks of something. Then everyone else takes turns asking questions to try to figure out what the first person is thinking of. If nobody gets the answer within 20 questions, the first person wins.

So next time you are worried about keeping kids busy on a road trip, try these travel games for children. I guarantee you’ll have a better drive.

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