Gardening Vivian | 28 Jun 2011 11:52 pm

Getting Rid of Garden Pests with Less Chemicals

Can we avoid potentially harmful gardening ingredients? The best thing about the world these days is the open mindedness as well as the awareness most people have about products that do more good than harm to the environment. This is important both in preserving the planet as well as not compromising the body’s immune system through chemical exposure.

It is a lot easier to find certain products now that are organic in nature compared to looking for such a product five, ten or twenty years ago. The market is now opening its doors to a lot safer and a lot healthier as well as a more effective way of gardening. Believe it or not, Lowe抯 as well as Home Depot now have organic gardening materials at one抯 easy beck and call. Such products are clearly a very welcome alternative to the majority of products that are harmful to nature and humans.

There are now gardening products that are good for the plants as well as for you. Fortunately, there is an insect repellant that consists basically of oil made out of orange which does the same functions of an insecticide minus the bad and unhealthy smell. This insect repellant and killer is made out of diatomaceous earth. Also, a soap that kills insects that it so happens to come in contact with is made out of ?believe it or not ?the fatty acids of potassium salts. Miracle II put in some water is great to throw on ant piles including fire ants probably due to the mineral content.

Those pesky, creepy crawly slugs can be stopped via good old fashioned coconut oil made into a soap. Weeds meanwhile, one of the persistent enemies of the garden, is prevented with the use of a gluten meal made out of corn.

Rosemary oil as well as neem oil is another good repellant as well as killer of those little insects usually found in the outdoors. Worms and caterpillars are also best battled naturally via bacillus thuringienensis.

Mosquitos are best repelled using common and ordinary household garlic. Mint oil could also be utilized to kill away those wasps and hornets from the home. If you do get bitten, miracle ii gel is wonderful for eliminating the itch and speeding up healing.

Fortunately, big name companies are getting to understand the value of getting into the naturally healthy bug killing industry and have now started to offer insect repellents that are based on plants. Most of the ingredients of such products are eugenol and a very minimal risk pesticide as determined by the EPA.

Plus, repellents that are applied directly on the skin have also jumped into the bandwagon of safety. Picaridin is a common ingredient on skin inspect repellents and this chemical proves to feel light on the skin and is recommended by the CDC to be one of their currently recommended repellents. Eucalyptus plants is also used by the product OFF! in their inspect repellant product.

Believe it or not, a just as effective herbicide that is a naturally occurring element is vinegar. It is extremely great to know that hardware stores as well as stores for those who love to do gardening activities already carry vinegar based bottles ?basically about twenty percent vinegar based herbicides. This is a product that is used and certified organic. This herbicide also consists of seaweed, liquid fish and tea compost. All these ingredients are generic and are used as fertilizers that are one hundred percent organic.

All in all, the best gardening products are those that use naturally occurring elements from the garden or from nature. What best way to take care and nurture a garden than using the same products that nature also offers. It is also a non invasive and natural way to keep everything in order, wholistically and perfectly in a manner that is free flowing and does not in any way harm another living being or its natural habitat and does not in any way destroy the intricate balance of nature.

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