Gardening Vivian | 28 Oct 2010 06:26 am

Gifts For Gardeners – Compost Pails

Compost Pails are an invaluable addition to any kitchen. Well, as long as the owner of that kitchen is a fan of garden composting at least. More people are turning to gardening as a healthy hobby, keeping them in touch with nature, and more and more gardeners are turning to composting as a way to recycle garden waste and kitchen scraps whilst keeping their plots fertile and relatively chemical free. If you need a gift idea for a gardener, a lovely new compost pail may be exactly the answer.

Anyone who as started creating their own garden compost, knows just how quickly kitchen scraps build up. Also, it is amazing how quickly those scraps can become a little on the whiffy side. This is the reason so many would-be garden composters fall by the way-side. It is easy to become disillusioned with a bowl full of rotting food sitting on your counter-top!

Compost Pails are designed to completely eradicate the odour issue. They have tight fitting lids for one, and for another, they come with carbon filter sets which absorb smells before they can be released into your kitchen.

A sturdy handle allows the compost pail to be taken out to the yard and the awaiting garden compost bin, without any fuss. Most importantly a proper compost pail or compost crock allows everyone in the family to know exactly where they should be depositing food scraps. No more multiple dishes, tubs and sandwich boxes full of different people’s scraps. One place, one system, for clean, tidy and odour free recycling of kitchen scraps.

As a gifts for gardeners, compost pails are great. They are a little different; after all how may spades or pots does one person really need? But better than that, they offer the chance for the gardener to enjoy the inside of the home too. Rather than giving a gift that says ‘get outside, there is work to be done’, you’re giving a gift which says ‘relax, it’s winter enjoy time indoors’.

Compost pails come in a myriad of styles so you should find one to suit most kitchen decor, from funky stainless steel to pretty ceramics, with a range of wood, bamboo and stoneware in between. So this year give the gardener in your life something that does not involve hard work, give them a kitchen compost pail instead.

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