Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 24 Apr 2011 11:39 pm

Go Diego Go! Rescue All the Animals

The animals in the jungle are all friends Go Diego Go, and they look to him for help with they get into trouble or face danger. With his Rescue Pack, he can pull out whatever he needs from a lifeline to a boat, and he relies on the viewers to tell him just what he needs. Of course, the children know that already, so why not give them a chance to help Diego save the animals?

Since children naturally have plenty of stuffed toys, make an adventure of placing the toys where they are in “danger.” For example, maybe place a small bear in a tree above a small bucket of water (to resemble a lake or stream) and place a crocodile in the water. The bear cub is unable to get out of the tree without falling into the water and being eaten by the crocodile. Diego, his cousin, Dora, and his other helpers must assist him in getting the bear cub out of the tree without letting him fall into the water. You can continue with your adventure as long as you want, adding new rescues as one is finished. The children will be thrilled to help Diego, and they will learn how to plan a rescue mission at the same time.

Shall we call it a game? No, it isn’t a game; it’s an adventure mission, a means to teach the children the art of rescue. It also helps them learn how to figure out a solution to a problem, so they learn the craft of problem solving while having fun.

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