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Grab a Copy of Any of These Scary Books This Halloween

Any good horror novel is a joy to read at any time of the year, but as it gets closer to Halloween, the more we seem drawn to anything that is scary. If the theme of the book centers on Halloween, it gets even better as children and adults love to be entertained with horror stories during the spooky season. If you’re one of those people who always find themselves reading a scary book as Halloween comes closer, read on as this article provides a list of the top Halloween themed books. Some are novels, some are collections of short stories, while some are anthologies, but all will definitely put you in the mood for Halloween.

Frightful October – Tales of Halloween Horror by Paul Melniczek

This indie published book is on top of the list because of its originality and ability to plant scary thoughts in your head and come out in times of loneliness and while in the shower. The book contains eleven short stories centered on Halloween, all of them terrifying enough to bring back memories of some of the scariest Halloween stories you may have heard in the past.

Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge

The book talks about an interesting dark tale of a small town with a deep secret, wherein a group of teen-aged boys look forward to Halloween every year because it gives them the chance to win a ticket out of town, to escape and never come back. Before they do so, however, they must band together to hunt and kill the “Halloween Boy”. The book further talks about the group’s yearly adventures as they search for the dreaded Halloween Boy. Overall the book is electrifying and entertaining, and has its share of shocking anecdotes. This would definitely make a great movie.

October Dreams – A Celebration of Halloween

From the creators of Cemetery Dance, the leading horror literary magazine, comes October Dreams, a collaboration of short stories, tales, and memories by multiple horror authors. Written by the best horror authors of all time, this collection of scary accounts is definitely a treat to read. Surely a page turner, this book is stuffed with Halloween-themed fictional and nonfiction stories contributed by the likes of Douglas Clegg, Poppy Z. Brite, Dean Koontz and Ramsey Campbell, to name but a few.

The Halloween Man by Douglas Klegg

The plot is multifaceted so it’s rather difficult to summarize, but it all boils down to two narratives about two points in time that center on the same character, Stoney Crawford. Due to the author’s genius in interlacing the two narratives, the life of Crawford is so captivating in that any reader or fan of true horror would find himself in a situation of great terror and delight at the same time.

Halloween: An American History, An American Holiday by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne

Halloween as we know it has evolved from the Celtic celebrations approximately 2,000 years ago to become perhaps the fastest-growing American holiday today. To know more about the origins of this spooky holiday, get a copy of this book as it covers All Hallow’s Eve, from its beginnings to the present. It also examines the origins of ancient times, as well as traditions, rituals, and celebrations of the old world. GP

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