Parties Vivian | 24 Apr 2011 06:00 pm

Graduation Party Ideas For a Memorable Celebration

Regardless of the educational institution that you go to, you will only graduate once. This being the case, graduation party ideas are memorable experiences of completing a stage of life as well as beginning a new one. Graduation is sometimes the last time that you will see many of the friends that you have been socializing with, because most will disperse when going in new directions as they go for further education, or start a new career. This can then also be a bit of a sad time hidden within the celebration, because there is the inevitable goodbye after the party.

One thing that is nice at a graduation party is to have a book where people that come to the party can sign. In the book beside where they sign their name, they each leave some kind of comment in it for you to remember them by. A photo that is taken at the party can later be placed on the page with their signature and comment. Watching movies of some of the things that happened throughout the year that you graduate is also fun. You might give fun gifts for who was the funniest, or for who had the most embarrassing moment.

Graduation party ideas held at home might consist of a dinner or backyard barbecue. In this case, a grad cake is easy to add to the list of food items. Home graduation parties can be dress-up affairs, but usually they are casual as it is a group of friends celebrating somewhat more personally then that of a large formal grad party put on by the school. Small home graduation parties can also have a gift exchange.

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