Gardening Vivian | 21 Feb 2011 10:13 am

Grassland As Autumn Naturalized Bulbs

Grassland is a native of western and central Europe and can tolerate temperatures down to minus 4 Fahrenheit. It has a rather weak tube to support the flower, and sometimes flops over after a shower. Grow it in grass, where the heads may be supported by the grass itself. Alb plenum is double white, while plenum is double lilac pink.

Bison is a sturdier plant and again easily grown, although it is susceptible to frost in severe winters, so choose a sheltered site. Specie sum is a good strong growing plant, from north east Turkey and Iran. Here it has to cope with very cold winter temperatures and is almost as hardy as autumnal. It can be grown in grass in the shade of a shrub or even in a sunny border so long as the soil is moist.

Its goblet shaped flowers are pinkish purple and show up well at around 7 inches high. Specious album has thick white flowers which stand up well to autumn weather. One of the characteristics of colchicums is that the tall scrappy leaves appear after the flowers. In severe winter conditions this may be as late as spring, while in milder climates they may surface in late winter.

They will grow about 7 to 10 inches long and must not be prematurely removed. Many cultivars exist which offer slightly different shades of rose pink, lilac and white, some tessellated, some double. Violet queen is another beautiful choice colchicum producing fragrant pinkish violet flowers, similar to the giant while lilac wonder is slightly pinker. Colchicum violet queen is a beautiful shade of violet pink, and it associates well with low growing incised foliage plants, which create a foil for its naked stems.

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