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Groovy Birthday Party Ideas for Pre-teens

Your daughter will love these groovy birthday party ideas for her next party. A Groovy/Flower Power party theme offers lots of fun decorating, craft, and games ideas that girls will totally dig.

Have fun creating hip Peace and Love posters with your daughter prior to your party. Create door “beads” by hanging long strips of alternating crepe paper from the doorways. You can also look for the real thing from online auction sites. If you have lava lamps, place those throughout the room. Creating a tie dye tablecloth from an old sheet will also give your party an authentic feel. Don’t forget to have Beatles music playing as your guests arrive.

Have the kids make their own tie dye tee shirts or headbands. You can have the girls bring an old white tee shirt or you can buy simple white headbands from any drug store. Make sure you perform this task outside or at least somewhere well covered with newspaper.

Another craft idea that girls love is creating groovy lamp shades. Buy simple and inexpensive solid color lamp shades. Purchase fun beaded ribbon and decorations from a craft store. Have the girls paint the lamp shade and then add funky beaded trim to the bottom of the shade. Decorate the rest of the shade with glitter, jewels, pom poms, etc. Make sure to buy non-flammable glue and paints. Both the tie dye shirts/headbands and lamp shade make terrific party favors.

For a fun party game, have the girls create hip outfits from the 1960′s. Check out second hand stores to see what treasures you can find including: platform shoes, head bands, bell bottom pants, mini-skirts, beads, macram?purses or belts. You can always ask your mom and mother-in-law what they’ve saved from their ‘Peace and Love’ days. You never know what you’ll discover. Style the girls’ hair in braids and/or headbands and put on a fashion show that would have made Sony and Cher proud.

If you have extra time and the girls have extra energy, create a relay race with this clothing. Divide the girls into two equal teams. The first two girls on separate teams will start by donning the clothes and running across to their teammates. They will remove the clothes and the first teammate on the new side will don the clothing and run back until all team members have had their turn. Whichever team finishes first, wins.

For a fun cake idea, make a simple circle cake. Decorate with bright yellow frosting and add black eyes and smiley face for a flashback to the 60′s smiley face. You can also create a cake with Yin and Yang symbols or one with the Peace symbol.

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