Gardening Vivian | 29 May 2011 07:39 am

Growing Conditions of Orchids

Orchids are without doubt very beautiful plants, but they can be challenging to grow. Orchids are found naturally in the wild, normally anchored to trees, so providing the right conditions for your Orchid will help you to produce both Healthy and Beautiful plants.

There are many different species of Orchids and there growing conditions will vary from species to species but here is some useful information to help you care for you Orchid correctly.

Providing the Correct amount of light:

Providing the correct amount of light for your Orchid is vital, they need the suns light to carry out Photosynthesis, (which is the process in which plants turn sunlight/energy into sugars for food).

You can determine to correct level of light by monitoring the colour of the leaves. Orchid leaves should be light green in colour. If the Orchid is exposed to too much light the leaves will turn yellow or reddish in colour and you should move your Orchid to a shadier spot. On the contrast to your Orchid is positioned in a place with too little light the leaves will turn dark green in colour.

Watering & Humidity:

These two factors are perhaps the most important when caring for your Orchid. There are, of course, many factors to consider when watering your Orchids, such as pot size, the smaller the pot the more likely it is to dry out quicker. The climate, if growing inside or out, is also a factor to be considered. In the summer months some Orchids may need to be watered everyday but during the winter watering will be less frequent. Watering should be frequent enough to avoid drying out the compost but not to the extent so as to make the compost soggy. Once or twice a week is usually sufficient for most of the year.

Rain water is recommended but drinkable tape water is quite safe. Your plants should be watered in the morning and water on the foliage should not remain there too long or leaf scorch may be the result if the plant is exposed to strong sunlight.

During the growing season Orchids require high humidity levels. This can be achieved by damping down the surroundings; this is done by fine spraying water on and around your Orchid. Do this early in the morning and again avoid water scorching of the leaves.


Most Orchids require free air moving conditions, but they do not like cold drafts. There roots are specially adapted to be exposed to air circulation so providing the right compost and containers for your Orchids is vital if you want to produce both Healthy and Beautiful plants.

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