Babies-Toddler Vivian | 13 Jun 2011 06:00 pm

Help Your Toddler Discover New Things

It’s true when they say that time flies fast. You’ll wake up one day to realize that the baby you’ve carried around has entered into the toddler age. He has become interested in so many things and seems to be amazed by just about anything. You might notice that he doesn’t want to cooperate with you anymore. He’d move around if you try to comb his hair, he’d resist when you attempt to change his clothes and he’d squeal unstoppably while you give him a bath. They always seem to want to do something else.

During this stage, your child is starting to discover new things. Everything that is new to him brings fascination. He starts to explore what he can do by trying to move from one place to another. He’ll put anything in his mouth. He wants to know how everything smells, feels and tastes. He wants to get to know everything in his surroundings.

This stage is also very crucial to his development. Since he is starting to unravel the world around him, it would greatly help him if he is provided with toys that will help him discover more things about what he can do and what his environment is about. It is advised that you give him educational toys for toddler to optimize his development.

When your baby is starting to move around and starts to crawl, expect that he will attempt to stand and walk soon. One of the best toys that you can get him at this point is a walker. A toy walker will help him move around independently. This will also aid him in learning how to balance and coordinate his body movements with his thoughts. Your child will definitely discover a lot of things while moving from one area of the room to another.

It is also at this point that your child studies how things are interrelated. They will be interested in playing with puzzle brick toys. This will teach them about patience as they figure out how to connect each brick and come up with an image. Boxes with openings traced in the different forms of shapes will also be a good toy for them. It will teach them simple analysis of how to get the different shapes into the box.

There are also toys that will help your child with his imagination. You can probably get him a doll, or little human figures. You can teach him to do role playing which will help him develop his organizational skills. Observe how your toddler assigns characters to his toys and how he provides order to the small world he created. He will continue to play until everything is according to what he has in mind.

At the latter part of his toddler years, you can introduce outdoor toys and activities to him. These will expose him to the world beyond the comfort of his home. He will be able to develop his well being by mingling with other children of his age. He will also learn to socialize and learn to share his toys with others.

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