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Helping Your Child Learn About Life – Bedtime Stories That Teach

Telling your child a story at bedtime is a tradition many parents have followed for centuries. Telling your child bedtime stories that teach comes with many benefits to both parent and child. The following paragraphs will discuss some of these benefits, as well as recommend some stories.

Speech and Language Development

Many medical research studies have shown that regularly reading your child bedtime stories can actually enhance their speech and language development. These findings have even encouraged pregnant women to read stories to their unborn babies. It is said that reading bedtime stories that teach can even help the child’s brain to absorb the parents voice, as well as the language the parent is speaking. If you are planning to raise your child bilingual, reading them bedtime抯 stories in different languages can actually help the child learn the languages. Reading, in itself, can encourage speech and language development. Reading bedtime stories that teach is even better.

IQ Boost

When your child is first learning to speak, you should read them the same bedtime抯 stories over and over again. Doing so can not only help enhance your child’s speech and language development, but it can also enhance his or her memory, as well. On top of these advantages, reading your child bedtime stories can also build their imagination and comprehension skills. When all of this is accomplished, your child’s IQ will be boosted.

Parents are, however, warned against creating an academic environment for reading their child regular bedtime stories. Although you want your child to learn from the experience, you do not want this experience to be too stimulating, or too complicated for your child to handle. It should always be a pleasurable experience when you read your child bedtime stories that teach.

Development of Listening Skills

By regularly reading bedtime stories to your child, you are helping him or her to develop good listening skills. When you start reading the story, it will encourage your child to be quiet, and listen. He or she wants to understand the story they are being told, and will try their best to do that. A child will be extremely proud of themselves, and thoroughly enjoy their bedtime stories when they can adequately predict the ending of the story being told.

There are many advantages associated with reading your child bedtime stories that teach. We have only just touched on some of the most common. Regularly reading to your child or children can help them develop healthy sleep patterns, calm them when their crying, and overall provide them with a pattern, or routine. Some recommended bedtime stories include:

The Three Pigs

The Three Bears

Little Red Ridging Hood

Many Others …

Reading your children bedtime stories that teach can really benefit both child and parent.

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