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Herb Garden Herbs For the Cook

Herb garden herbs can make up an entire lovely garden for show and in use in your home. The herbs most used by cooks in cooking tend to be the ones that have the most aromatic smells. The smell of cooking herbs has been known to be calming and to make people feel at home. This is because of the comforting smell they have.

Growing herb garden herbs for the cook can be quite easy. All you need to do is obtain the correct size container, which matches how large you want your garden to be. It is recommended you start off small and then work you way up to a larger garden as your ability progresses. This is because many herbs can grow in a larger abundance than you may anticipate. Plus, some herbs have a tendency to take over an herb garden very easily.

After obtaining the correct size containers, invest in some quality potting soil. This will be mixed with dirt and sand in order to create a proper seedbed. You will also want to buy seeds for the herb garden herbs you have chosen for your garden. Some of the best herbs for the use of cooking are chives, thyme, tarragon, oregano, rosemary, and sage.

Herb garden herbs for the cook are quite easy to grow and maintain. To begin with they just need to be planted a couple of inches beneath the topsoil placed in your container. Once you have done this, place your herb containers in a place where it may get the appropriate amount of light. You also want to make sure the plants get plenty of air. This may mean occasionally taking an oscillating fan and blowing it at your herb garden on a low setting to simulate the effects of the wind.

Be sure to keep the soil your herbs are planted in moist, but not too moist. You will also want to be very regular with your schedule of thinning out herbs that begin to grow rapidly in your garden. Take careful care to sometimes separate the root systems. Digging into the root systems makes this possible. This will keep faster growing herbs from taking over the other herbs and choking them out of the herb garden.

Once you have grown the herbs you have planted for your garden then you will want to use them in cooking projects. Pick chives to add flavor to potatoes or in butter to make an herbed butter. Thyme is good for soups, meats, and winter dishes. Tarragon is good for meats, rice, and pasta dishes. Oregano is great in Italian dishes. Rosemary is good with potatoes and chicken. Sage is great for making stuffing and in meat dishes such as pork.

After harvesting your herbs you may want to store some of them for later months use. This can be done by freeze drying them and placing them in an airtight container to keep until you are ready to use them.

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