Gardening Vivian | 21 Dec 2010 12:00 pm

Here’s the Poop on Worm Compost Bins – 5 Uses For Worm Castings

Many people are unfamiliar with the term vermicast.燰ermicast is the product created by earthworms when used in a vermicomposting (or worm composting) system.燯se worms to compost?燨f course!燭hat’s what happens in nature.燰ermicomposting systems simply use more worms in a closed compost bin system to produce more compost more quickly.
?br>But what to do with your vermicompost once you’ve harvested it?
?br>1.Add it to your soil.燰ermicast is some of the most nutrient dense amendment you can find.營t can help to revitalize “bad” soil.
?br>2.Use it as a mulch.燗dding vermicast as a top dressing to your soil can help to keep the weeds down.營t will also reduce the need to water your garden, and it improves the appearance of your soil.營n essence, it can replace your usual mulch.
?br>3.Use it when planting.燯nlike most commercially available synthetic products on the market today, vermicast is completely natural and safe.燳ou can add it to your planting hole directly and not have to worry about damaging the roots of your plants.營t helps to stabilize anything newly planted.
?br>4.Use it as a fertilizer.燗gain, unlike synthetic fertilizers, vermicast is completely safe to use in any planting endeavor.燯se it to fertilize your victory garden.燬ince it is completely organic, it is perfectly safe to use on anything you will be eating later in the season.
?br>5.Use it when planting seeds.燘ecause it is so nutrient dense, vermicast helps improve seed germination, both indoors and outdoors.
?br>Vermicast is something that is remarkably beneficial to the soil and something that is quite easy to “grow” at home.

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